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Start your journey today & join them with one of our packages below. If you just require support with school application our team can get you over the finish line for under $50. If you’re still researching for the ideal school, we can help you from research right through to school submission for under $100. For only $365 deposit (which goes towards your final homestay fee), you can take advantage of our unique student/host matching service, and find the perfect host family for you. Find out why we place more international students than any similar program with one of our packages below and get ready to experience living in the United States!

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This deposit is applied towards your total homestay fee. Weekly rates will range between $250-$400 depending on where you are studying.



International Student

This is my first time coming to America. I feel very wonderful. My homestay family is friendly. The school has many activities. It has improved my vision of the world. After class, I always participate in conversations with students. This is my great life.

Ana Mackay Host Parent with International Student

Ana Mackey
Host Family

I’ve been hosting for over 5 years. By far Ameristudent is the company I would pick and would happily refer to people interested in hosting international students. I am beyond grateful that I have the best coordinator always reaching out to me Jivas Macias

Host family having dinner

International Student

I’ve been living with my host family for almost two years, they love me so much. My host mom is kindly and she took great care of me as her son. She also cares about my grades, I really appreciated that she helped me so much.