Carnegie School

At  Carnegie High School our mission is to prepare students for living lives of purpose and distinction, as reflected by character, competency and community, by developing the whole student through relationships and faith in God.

In a recent survey of parents, administration, staff and students, diversity was cited as one of Carnegie’s top strengths. At Carnegie, we value what different perspectives and voices can bring to the conversation both in and outside of the classroom.

Carnegie High School is a place where students of all walks of life and learning strengths can thrive. As a college preparatory school, we encourage students to achieve the highest standards of academic excellence. From our numerous AP and honors course offerings to our high SAT scores, we are an institution that prepares students for top universities and colleges around the world.

Carnegie High School truly is the school of the future. Having done away with the traditional teaching model, Carnegie educates students using the most innovative resources available in education today. Our fully integrated blended education model promotes an environment where students are able to think critically and creatively under the mentorship of their teachers. Never constrained to “the way it has always been,” Carnegie students are the innovators of the future.

12:1 Student teacher ration

Finish high school in 3 years

Sense of belonging for internationals

Many schools offer APs, honors. Our school has individualized instruction for advanced learners as well as the struggling students. All are welcome!

Whittier – 600 students with about 2 international students

Riverside – 500 students with about 40 international students

Pasadena – 100 students with about 20 international students

School Details:

Campus Size: 1 Acre
Enrollment: 30
AP/Honors Courses: 22
Sports Team:
Grades: 9--12

SAT Average Scores:

Critical Reading:
School Type: