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AmeriStudent offers the best and fully-supported homestay program in the industry! Our CSIET certification allows us to offer the safest solutions for students coming to study in the U.S.

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In the past, and in the case of many study abroad programs, families sending their students abroad have had to rely on a system that places their students with a random host family. AmeriStudent recognized that students are more likely to thrive in their study abroad experiences when they are comfortable with their living situations and with finding the most compatible host family possible. We, therefore, have created a system that allows international families to select from homestay situations a family that they think will best suit their student’s needs. Via today’s technology, clients can tour prospective homes and hold virtual meet-and-greets with the people who will have the great responsibility and privilege of hosting their student.

We thoroughly vet each of our host families to ensure, as best we can, the safest and most compatible home environment. In addition, host families undergo several orientations and trainings. We remain in constant communication with students and host families, and we provide 24/7 support for real-time assistance with emergency situations. In short, we remain closely involved and connected with all parties from beginning to end and do everything in our power to facilitate an ideal learning environment and homestay experience.

What You Get With Our Homestay Package

Help with Applying to Local Schools

Assistance completing and submitting applications to private and public schools.

Host Family Selection & Screening

AmeriStudent recruits, screens, interviews, and trains excellent Host Families living near our schools.

CSIET Approved Homestay

Maintaining CSIET standards for safe and quality homestays. We are audited each year to keep our accreditation and we conduct multiple background checks to determine that the home and family remain safe and supportive throughout the student stay.

Guardianship for Students

Ameristudent takes the responsibility as legal guardian for our international students during the school year.

Emergency & Routine Support

Ameristudent provides 24/7 Emergency support to students and host families in addition to monthly progress reports and student visits.

Medical & Liability Insurance

Ameristudent offers an insurance policy to cover student medical and emergency needs while they are in the states.

Financial Services for Payments

Safe and secure processing of all financial transactions for homestay fees, school tuition, and AmeriStudent Insurance policy.

Student Orientation

In depth cultural and school orientation provided to students upon arrival.

General College Consulting

Local coordinators help international students walk through the journey of studying for ACT/SAT exams, visiting universities, and applying to colleges.

Monthly Report

Ameristudent provides detailed monthly homestay and academic progress reports so that families and agents can also be involved in the student’s study-abroad school experience.

Airport Pickup

Convenient and efficient airport pickup and drop-off services for students when they arrive in the beginning of the year and leave at the end of the year.


Our homestay all inclusive packages range from $12,000-$18,000 depending on location. To inquire about homes and pricing in your specific area please email us at You can also place a deposit by clicking below: