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AmeriStudent is proud to offer quality homestay options for international students who are currently enrolled or already accepted in an American school. Whether it is for a few days, weeks, months, or years, AmeriStudent provides students with safe and convenient homes.

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Our Services Include

Host Family Selection & Placement Services

AmeriStudent assists students with sorting through and choosing a quality host family from our selection of homes.

National Criminal Background Checks

Maintaining CSIET standards, all host families successfully pass a series of background checks and interviews during the host family application process.

Emergency & Routine Support

Ameristudent provides 24/7 Emergency support to students and host families in addition to monthly progress reports and student visits.

Airport Pickup

Convenient and efficient airport pickup and drop-off services for students.

Medical & Liability Insurance

Through Ameristudent, students are able to purchase medical and liability insurance for the duration of the school year.

Friendliest & Safest Host Families

We take pride on the quality and quantity of our host families. Our families are interested in getting to know international students and learn new cultures.

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Safe, affordable, and reliable homestay from the leading homestay company in the USA.