International Students Giving Back this Holiday Season

International Students

While studying abroad in California, Ameristudent senior, Santiago, volunteers with his host family in the church nursery helping 0-2 year olds.


When international students participate in volunteer work, they begin to feel more connected to their community! AmeriStudent international students have the opportunity to interact with a diverse group of people when they join in on community service events. For these study-abroad students, there are countless benefits that come with volunteer work:


  • Gaining valuable life experience

  • Developing interpersonal communication skills

  • Exploring new interests

  • Building their college application

  • Decreasing risk of isolation

  • Experiencing satisfaction from helping others


Our awesome AmeriStudent host families frequently bring their international homestay students to volunteer in different ways.

Over Thanksgiving break, an AmeriStudent host mom in Pismo Beach decided to invite her student to volunteer and stuff shoe boxes through Operation Christmas Child.  This event aims to give gifts to children who may not receive any other type of Christmas gift. Chinese student, Tongyuan, reflected that the experience was interesting to him.

International Students Volunteering

Each year, thousands of groups and individual donors partner with Operation Christmas Child and prepare and collect shoe boxes filled with toys, school supplies, personal items, and other small gifts. This year, many AmeriStudents joined in on the fun.



Serve Together, Stick Together

Host families and students Unite as they Volunteer Together

One of the best ways for host families and international students to connect is through creating shared experiences.  It is easy to feel disconnected and isolated as schedules are busy with school, work, and activities. Making the time to play a game, go for a hike, cook together, or volunteer at a community service project can be one of the most fun and helpful ways to strengthen the family bond. Families can do a variety of service activities together that range in time commitments and skill level.


Ways to introduce your International Student to Service Opportunities

Volunteering in the community is an excellent way to expose your study-abroad student to people with diverse backgrounds, abilities, ethnicities, ages, education, and income levels that they might not meet in their typical daily high school routine.  The Internet, newspapers, schools, churches and community centers provide information about local volunteer opportunities. If you need help getting involved, AmeriStudent local representatives are also able to help connect host families and students to resources.


AmeriStudent is a global company offering full-service educational placements and homestays for international clients wishing to study abroad in the United States.

      5 Ways for Families to Serve

  1. Contact your local food bank

  2. Find an organization that serves the elderly

  3. Deliver food to the homebound

  4. Contact your local animal shelter

  5. Clean up a local park or someone’s yard


There are numerous ways to participate in volunteer jobs: start by researching groups near you and describing your location, interests, and children’s ages!

Refer a family to Host with AmeriStudent
For some families, hosting an International student can be a form of giving back. Investing in teenagers and helping students adjust to living in America is an invaluable service to a study-abroad student. Contact us today if you’re interested in learning more about our application and matching process.

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