Study Abroad Programs for International Students

A rewarding international student homestay is AmeriStudent’s top priority. The world’s future generation of adults needs beneficial learning experiences that will last a lifetime, and we’re here to help deliver. Whether you’re looking for a long or short-term stay in the U.S., you’re in the right place to discover the best options for you.

Why AmeriStudent is a Leading International Student Study Abroad Provider

We place more homestay students than any other similar program. With thorough student/host matching, 24/7 urgent support, online banking, and airport transportation services, AmeriStudent ranks among the best homestay providers in the nation. To cap it all off, each location includes student pricing specific to the living expenses of that particular area, giving you the best money value for your unique situation.

Student Testimonials

Host family having dinner

Hengyuan Zhong
High School Student

I’ve been living with my host family for almost two years, they love me so much. My host mom is kindly and she took great care of me as her son. She also cares about my grades, I really appreciated that she helped me so much.

High School Student

Can’t believe I improved my English so much in five months! Here is just like my family. I love my life in America!

High School Student

This is my first time coming to America. I feel very wonderful. My homestay family is friendly. The school has many activities. It has improved my vision of the world. After class, I always participate in conversations with students. This is my great life.

Welcoming Homestay Students into
a Safe & Friendly Environment

Other homestay programs are known to rely on a system that places its students with a random host family. However, AmeriStudent recognizes that international students are more likely to thrive during their homestay when they feel comfortable with their living situation and a friendly, compatible host family. 

As a result, we’ve created a system that allows students to personally choose from our selection of vetted families. You can tour prospective homes and hold virtual meet-and-greets to find the perfect host family for you.

We take our students’ safety seriously, as all families must successfully pass national criminal background checks, in-home interviews, home inspections, several orientations, and trainings. AmeriStudent remains closely involved and connected with all parties throughout the entire process, doing everything in our power to facilitate an incredible homestay high school student experience.

What You Get With Our Homestay Package

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Help with Applying to Local Schools

Assistance completing and submitting applications to private and public schools.

Host Family Selection & Screening

AmeriStudent recruits, screens, interviews, and trains excellent Host Families living near our schools.

CSIET Approved Homestay

Maintaining CSIET standards for safe and quality homestays. We are audited each year to keep our accreditation and we conduct multiple background checks to determine that the home and family remain safe and supportive throughout the student stay.

Guardianship for Students

AmeriStudent takes the responsibility as lega guardian for our international students during the school year.

Emergency & Routine Support

AmeriStudent provides 24/7 support to students and host families in addition to monthly progress reports and student visits.

Medical & Liability Insurance

AmeriStudent offers an insurance policy to cover student medical and emergency needs while they’re in the states

Financial Services for Payments

Safe and secure processing of all financial transactions for homestay fees, school tutition, and AmeriStudent insurance.

Student Orientation

In depth school and cultural orientation provided to students upon arrival.

General College Consulting

Local coordinators help international students walk through thir journey of studying ACT/SAT exams, visiting universities, and applying to colleges.

Monthly Report

AmeriStudent provides detailed monthly academic and homestay progress reports so that families and agents can also be involved in the students study abroad experience.

Airport Pickup

Convinient and efficient airport pickup and drop-off services when they arrive at the beginning of the year and leave at the end.

High-Quality Study Abroad Programs

AmeriStudent exclusively partners with first-class high schools that can not only prep young adults for college but also provide the tools you need during a homestay for foreign students. Our list of international partner schools offers something for everyone, whether it’s a science or art-focused school, a wide variety of extracurriculars, small class sizes, modern technology aids, advanced placement courses, and incredible college opportunities.

If anything, we know you’re here to learn. We want to cater to this strength by providing as many chances as possible to discover and ignite intelligent passion. Through the right school, helpful surroundings, and a dedication to education, students can acclimate to American student life in no time.

How to Apply For Student Homestay

AmeriStudent provides some of the best international homestay programs in America, including high school student exchange programs, study abroad programs for college students, and short-term programs. Homestay students immerse themselves in new cultures, new languages, and a new way of learning.

When looking for homestay programs, it’s important to select a comprehensive service provider. At AmeriStudent both our high school and college exchange programs include:

  • Medical and liability insurance
  • Emergency and routine support
  • School (high school) and homestay selection and placement
  • Private room and 2-3 meals per day
  • Airport pickup and drop-off.

Study Abroad Programs

AmeriStudent is proud to offer various short-term and long-term study abroad programs, short-term camps in the summer and winter, and first-class homestay options. We deal with schools, host families, and students directly to ensure that we are providing only the best and safest study abroad experience in the industry.

Our all-inclusive program includes school selection, admissions and I-20 support, orientation, airport pick-up, homestay selection and placement, guardianship, emergency, and routine support, monthly reporting, medical and liability insurance coverage, financial services for tuition, and homestay payments. AmeriStudent also provides various short-term summer camps and winter camps.

Our Programs

International high school students in class

High School Students

We’ve built relationships with only the best public and private high schools to help our students meet their full potential.

High School Programs

College Students

Quality homestay options for international students who are currently enrolled or already accepted in an American school.

College Programs

Our Popular High School Homestay Destinations in California

Alongside the importance of a welcoming host family and top-notch school comes a great location, such as our homestay Los Angeles program. Your location will help you soak up the beautiful cultures, sights, and adventures the U.S. offers, all while providing a safe environment for you to call your home away from home. Deciding the perfect spot comes down to a few factors, like whether you prefer a large city, plenty of beaches, less countryside, or more history to explore.

Some of AmeriStudent’s most popular California destinations:

Start Your Study Abroad Adventure Today!

We pride ourselves in being America’s favorite international student homestay provider, offering everything you need and more to create the overseas educational experience of a lifetime. From 24/7 support, extensive host family matching, and extraordinary locations, AmeriStudent has your back. 

We go to extreme lengths to ensure all of our students are cared for during the homestay process, screening every host family thoroughly, providing numerous assistance resources, and helping preparation. Your success is our success, and we want every student to leave their program feeling uplifted with rewarding experiences, profound inspiration, and a refreshing zeal for life.

From welcoming environments to superior schools, AmeriStudent is more than happy to boost your young adult journey. 

If you’re ready to invest in thriving career opportunities, create strong friendships, and immerse yourself in culturally-rich locations, we encourage you to apply today!