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The process of becoming a host family with AmeriStudent:

  • Application: The first step is to fill out our host application. This application will go over basic information, and because it is very important for the approval process, we ask each potential host to be as honest and straightforward as possible. Because AmeriStudent uses a unique technological platform, we will upload family pictures, pictures of the home and the room the student will be living in, and the family profile to our website. These photos and family information will allow students from around the world to catch a glimpse of potential host families. These photos should be of the highest quality possible. Hosts will also be required to give a detailed description of their home life. They will need to include how many children are living in the home, the number of pets cared for, and any other unique family characteristics. Ideally, we want our potential host families to be as candid as possible in this section of the application. After all, our goal is to find the perfect match for the student and the family.
  • Initial Background Check: This background check is our initial background check to make sure nothing major pops up.
  • In-Home Interview: This is a routine visit to confirm everything is in order. One of our agents will look for discrepancies between the written application and profile pictures with what they see in person. To ensure that the inspection goes smoothly, and if at all possible, we will ask that all family members be home for the visit. The AmeriStudent representative will want to meet everyone in person and ask a few questions to each family member. When it comes to scheduling a visit, we will coordinate with you so that the visit does not get in the way of work or other important obligations.
  • In Depth Background Check: An important part of the application process is the background check. We will be checking each adult family member’s background for criminal activity or other misconduct. We may use more than one resource to check the backgrounds of our potential host families. We will always ask permission before we do the checks, but they are mandatory.
  • Agreement: This contract will go over, in detail, all that is expected of host families. It is important that the contract is read carefully before being signed.
  • Matching: As soon as we receive the signed contract, the family’s profile will be uploaded and we will connect the hosts with international students from across the globe.
  • Placement: Once a match has been made we will work on the details regarding placement. Typically students arriving during Fall or Spring depending when they start school. We will give you time to prepare for their arrival and help you through the process.

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