What is AmeriStudent?
Will there be a system of background checks?
Would I make a great host?
Will I receive a stipend for hosting?
How long do I host for?
Will students have all their paperwork to legally study abroad?
What is the role of a host family?
Are there rules for the student?
Will the student have insurance?
Will the student have money for personal expenses?
Can I host more than one student at once?
Will I have to pay additional taxes for hosting?
What are the guidelines regarding transportation?
Can International students drive their own car or vehicle?
When will my international student arrive?
Will I have legal guardianship of the student?
Is there legal documentation between AmeriStudent and the host family?
Will someone visit my home?
Will AmeriStudent stay in contact with the host families?
Will there ever be a time that I cannot reach a representative?
What happens if the student has academic or behavioral issues?
What if political and religious beliefs are different?
What if it is just not working out with a student I am hosting?
What happens if our family has to go out of town?
What should I do if an international student has certain dietary needs?
Is there anything else I should know?
What is the next step?

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