Study Abroad Programs for College Students

If you’re searching for high-quality study abroad programs for college students, you’re in the right place to discover the best options for you. However long you plan on staying in the U.S., we ensure each student access to all of the tools they need to succeed. From friendly, safe host families to 24/7 AmeriStudent support, homestay university students can focus on strengthening their college career, welcoming adulthood, and exploring their home away from home with our leading college study abroad programs.

Why More Students Choose AmeriStudent as Their Homestay Provider

Attending a study abroad college is a fantastic way to expand both world views and career opportunities. With internationally-recognized universities, stunning locations, exciting adventures, culturally-rich food, and plenty of historic landmarks to uncover, your university of choice is ready and waiting to invite you into American student life. And AmeriStudent is here to help. We can help your international college experience be the best it can be by catering to your circumstances, providing helpful resources, and boosting you to thrive on your collegiate journey.  

Student Testimonials

Blanca Velasco

Blanca Velasco
Host Family

I have worked with many agencies in the past 5 years, but AmeriStudent is by far the best! Every time I needed to contact the coordinator, she was available right away and the stipend is a plus! I look forward to every winter/summer camp to host with them!


David Ruiqui Zhao
International Student

We have a great experience with our Homestay here. Our Homestay’s mum is really nice and always care about us. We do have a lot of fun with them.


Oscar Zhiyuan Gao
International Student

I think Heather is a super nice person. We have fun in this host family. She is willing to take me to different places, we get along pretty well.

Safe and Welcoming
Homestays for University Students

Here at AmeriStudent, the safety, well-being, and comfortability of our homestay university students is a top priority. As a result, we don’t place our students with random host families but instead, allow students to personally choose from our selection of vetted host families by virtual meetings and home tours. This way college students can go into their homestay situation having already met their host family with a better idea of what to expect, increasing comfort and compatibility. 

On top of our personalized family/student matching process, every household applicant goes through a series of national criminal background checks, at-home inspections, interviews, training, and orientations to further ensure student safety. We only choose families who have a genuine interest in opening up their home to a college student and providing incredible hospitality, kindness, and friendship. 

AmeriStudent is also a CSIET-approved program, meaning we’re audited each year to verify the highest standard of student living conditions. We are always available to communicate with our students if the need ever arises, making sure to stay closely connected and involved throughout the entire academic homestay process.

What You Get With Our Homestay Package

Host Family Selection & Placement Services

AmeriStudent assists students with sorting through and choosing a quality host family from our selection of homes.

National Criminal Background Checks

Maintaining CSIET standards, all host families successfully pass a series of background checks and interviews during the host family application process.

Emergency & Routine Support

Ameristudent provides 24/7 Emergency support to students and host families in addition to monthly progress reports and student visits.

Airport Pickup

Convenient and efficient airport pickup and drop-off services for students.

Medical & Liability Insurance

Through Ameristudent, students are able to purchase medical and liability insurance for the duration of the school year.

Friendliest & Safest Host Families

We take pride on the quality and quantity of our host families. Our families are interested in getting to know international students and learn new cultures.

Benefits of College Homestay Programs

Colleges with good study abroad programs can be invaluable to your career, and a great homestay program can enhance the effects. When you feel safe, happy, and secure during your college studies, the other areas of your life are more likely to grow and prosper as well, making a homestay program highly useful for international students seeking out an American college experience.

  • Benefits of a homestay program:
  • Better your English language skills
  • Safety and security
  • 24/7 on-call support
  • Cultural exchange/learning
  • Strong homestay life-long family friendships

How to Study Abroad in College With AmeriStudent

If you’re wondering how to study abroad in college, your answer lies with AmeriStudent’s study abroad programs for college students. With thoroughly vetted host families, personalized student/family matches and placement, and round-the-clock support, we understand the safety concern and work extremely hard to ensure the well-being of every university student. 

Along with diligent student protection procedures, our programs also come with other valuable services like airport transportation, medical & liability insurance, and routine progress reports. 

If you’re interested in enriching your college career, opening up job possibilities, and staying with a welcoming host family, we encourage you to apply today!