Homestay in California for International Students

By providing a homestay California experience for international students, locals have the opportunity to invest in the world’s future generation of adults. A clean, warm, and inviting home can do wonders for someone visiting from a foreign country, and hospitable families who love welcoming people into their households are the perfect candidates. However, we know the decision to host a student doesn’t come lightly. On this page, you’ll find all of the information you need on the ins and outs of homestays, as well as more on our California locations.

Why Become a Host Family in California?

The Golden State provides endless opportunities for students, and local families are an integral part of the process. However, the benefits don’t only apply to students. From forging lifelong friendships and experiencing a new culture, to receiving a monthly stipend, the perks are in your ballpark, too. AmeriStudent also offers 24/7 support from nearby coordinators throughout the entire process, along with plenty of host family tips for a great student experience.

Host Family Los Angeles

Providing a homestay for international students in Los Angeles could mean a dream come true for some, as visiting this popular city is common on many bucket lists. It radiates warm weather, modern art scenes, fun festivals, and gorgeous nature views with Griffith Park, a 4,000+ acre park right at the heart of the city. 

Incredible food is a no-brainer here, considering this large city caters to every dietary need from all-vegan restaurants to the best BBQ. Since LA is a notably film-famous spot, movie buffs will love running into the occasional celebrity or spotting the backdrop of where their favorite scene was shot. 

Host family Los Angeles participants can fall back in love with their city– not only for its iconic attractions but also because of its first-class schools and incredible diversity. You can easily find that a homestay Los Angeles adventure enriches both your family’s and student’s lives with amazing experiences and explorations you haven’t yet seen yourself.

Host Family San Francisco

For a host family, San Francisco has a lot to offer when exploring with someone who’s visiting the U.S. Its iconic landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, and Lombard Street will give your student something to talk about, besides the cable cars, gorgeous year-round weather, and infinite food choices. 

This California gem was named the 10th happiest city for a reason, especially with its amazing representations of cultural diversity through international museums, festivals, and intermingled neighborhoods. From a scholarly standpoint, San Francisco can surpass all expectations with its top-notch, college-prep schools and technological heights amid company headquarters like Apple and Facebook. Families participating in a homestay San Francisco venture can proudly recommend their city as one of the best places for international students with unlimited things to do in an uplifting, positive environment.

Host Family San Diego

If you’re thinking about hosting international students, San Diego, the oldest city in California, makes it difficult to have a disappointing time. The city lends stunning architecture and rich history with attractions like Balboa Park, the Gaslamp Historic District, and the Cabrillo National Monument– not to mention the world-renowned San Diego Zoo. 70 miles of beautiful coastline and 300 days of flawless temperatures throughout the year make for perfect days out, whether it’s lying on the beach or exploring the latest food trends and art galleries.

For the sake of a host family, San Diego can make it easy for an international student to integrate into this Southern California charm, as roughly 45% of families speak languages other than English and authentic vibrations of Chinese, Mexican, and other culture variations intermix with the city. 

To top it off, within 50 miles of San Diego are over 30 colleges, with nationally-ranking notables like the University of California and San Diego State University, which provides almost 400 international student programs. At the end of the day, a homestay San Diego adventure can supply both host families and international students with an array of bonding opportunities and life-changing experiences to boot.

Host Family San Jose

Named one of the healthiest cities and home to the fastest growing economy in the U.S., San Jose is recognized as a leader in environmentally-friendly efforts and exhibits peaceful nature escapes with the Municipal Rose Garden, Castle Rock Park, and Alum Rock Park.

Locals build up the city by contributing fresh art, independent businesses, and an abundance of unique culture cues, while for a host family, San Jose offers plenty of entertaining activities like exploring the Plaza de Cesar Chavez, the oldest public space in California.

Prestigious universities like Stanford and Santa Clara are nearby, as well as the tech hub of California, Silicon Valley, adding to the excellent reputation of California’s network of schools. San Jose families can feel rest assured that their city provides an amazing opportunity for international students searching for a transformative trip in an ambitious atmosphere and can find supporting their students an easy transition with its fun for the whole family outings.

Host Family Fresno

Fresno is rife with cultural celebrations, festivals, food, and art in this urban hub, the Tower District being at the center of its theaters, galleries, and thrift stores. The gorgeous landscape views are just as vibrant as the city but with a peaceful tinge, as you take in the sights and sounds of Earth’s beauty at world-renowned landmarks like Yosemite National Park and Kings Canyon National Park. 

Your international student can revel in Fresno’s eccentric neighborhoods and stop by the Fresno Art Museum to take in the creativity and expression, much of which is created through the city’s melting pot of cultures. You can easily find an esteemed college or high school anywhere you look, finishing off the city as a top location for both host families and students.

Host Family Spotlight

Michele Schanley

Host Family

Many of our host families have different talents and hobbies to share with AmeriStudents. Michele hosts students from Village Christian School, and shares her interest in cooking and meal prepping with her student Camille. Together they chopped, diced, and bagged all the fresh ingredients to be ready to use for future meals. Many of our students like to cook, and Michele does a great job involving her student in the process!

How Do We Become a Host Family in California?

The first step to becoming a host family involves filling out a 15-minute application, where you answer a few basic questions about your home and household and provide some photos. Once this is completed and submitted, we run a preliminary background check on all household members 18 years or older. 

After basic checks are approved, we then start matching you with potential students and with your consent, conduct more thorough background checks. Once everything returns back as clear, we administer an in-home interview and answer any and all remaining questions. After an agreement is made, your student will be placed, and you will have access to 24-hour support throughout their stay.

Host Families Across California Love Partnering With AmeriStudent… Here’s Why

During a homestay California endeavor, AmeriStudent takes into account every possible need, question, or concern you may have. This is why we not only offer a generous monthly payment system but also round-the-clock access to trained representatives. 

California families appreciate our programs because we put our host families’ considerations on our top priority list. Your ability to invite a student into your home, provide kindness and support, and ultimately, change someone’s life for the better can be incredibly transformative, and we want your family to enjoy the experience just as much as the student.