International High School Exchange Programs USA

High school foreign exchange programs are fantastic ways to build a solid educational background and experience exciting, life-changing moments abroad. AmeriStudent only partners with top-notch, college-prep schools that can provide a safe, welcoming environment for you to learn in as well as a stellar city to explore. You’re important to us, and we want you to be able to look back on your international trip having created great friendships, incredible memories, and quality education to further your future career.

Popular Study Abroad Cities

The location can make or break your stay during high school student exchange programs. This is why we put extra effort into providing some of the United States’ most leading, vibrant cities in California, recognized as the second-highest ranking state for high schools in the country.

Los Angeles

With perfect beaches, pristine weather, and no shortage of popular adventures, Los Angeles rarely disappoints international high school students in the U.S. Located in Southern California, it’s home to some of the greatest collections of museums in the world, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Griffith Observatory, Venice Beach, and hundreds of shops, restaurants, and activities. 

You can easily find diverse communities in which to immerse yourself everywhere you look, while nature-lovers can find plenty of stunning hikes with world-renowned trails just a quick drive away. 

This must-see, bucket-list city also includes incredible study abroad high school options focused on welcoming international students, helping them acclimate to American student life, and providing variety in extracurriculars so everyone has something to participate in.

San Francisco

Nestled up in Northern California, you’ll find San Francisco, a classic destination for all international travelers wanting to see icons like the Golden Gate Bridge, the famous cable cars and the legendary Alcatraz Island. Weather is cool all-year-round, giving you the opportunity to explore its natural beauty any time, the Golden Gate Park and Twin Peaks are simply stunning.

Since San Francisco is close to Silicon Valley, the home of large tech giants like Apple, Facebook, and Google, ambitious students can open up opportunities and visit educational marvels like the Intel Museum.

Many find that diversity is at the core of this California gem. There are countless festivals, museums, and exotic food celebrating cultures from all over the world, along with high school study abroad programs that embrace young adults from every walk of life.

San Jose

Distinguished universities like Stanford and Santa Clara populate San Jose with diversity, aspiration, and a strong sense of success. Being next door to San Francisco, it’s also close to Silicon Valley, the go-to epicenter for technological innovation. 

Art enthusiasts aren’t left out, with the San Jose Museum of Art containing more than 2,500 incredible pieces and the local art scene thriving during the South First Fridays Art Walk.

In true California style, San Jose keeps up with modern wellness practices, named as one of the healthiest cities in the country. The city works hard to contribute to green commuting, and provides numerous nature escapes like Castle Rock State Park and the Municipal Rose Garden.

San Jose also includes elite high school exchange programs in AmeriStudent’s private and public school selection to cater to adjusting international students and provide all of the learning support you need.

San Diego

San Diego presents itself as one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse cities in the nation with roughly 45% of households speaking a language other than English. You’ll find diverse murals throughout the city, numerous art galleries, and food from around the world. 

Blissful weather 300 days out of the year makes it easy to head to famous spots like the San Diego Zoo and Balboa Park, while 70 miles of gorgeous beaches ensure there are always fun things to do nearby. 

The city also encompasses some of the greatest schools, UCSD being a world-class pick for research degrees and San Diego State University noted for its extraordinary athletic programs. And its high schools aren’t far off. In San Diego, high school student exchange programs exude excellence in every way, from college acceptances, curriculum and class sizes, to after-school activities.


Fresno includes the perfect mix of enthusiastic urban vibes and peaceful nature escapes. While in the city, students can head to Fresno’s Tower District to embrace 1930s history, the Fresno Art Museum to catch up on brilliant pieces, or the Hmong New Year and Rogue Festivals to celebrate a medley of cultures.

For an opposite scene, take a quiet nature walk through Yosemite National Park, Sequoia National Park, or Kings Canyon National Park for some of the most picturesque spots in the country. 

Most importantly, a high school for international students in California can easily be found in Fresno. Its prestigious schools offer impressive educational experiences with incredible teachers, classes, and campuses, making sure you feel as comfortable as possible in your new environment.  

SLO County

San Luis Obispo County lies in Central California, where city life, beach views, and top schools harmonize to create an ideal location for international students. Visit the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art and the Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa for a trip back into California’s rich art and architecture history, or go back even further by hiking up Bishop Peak, a landmass made up of 20 million-year-old volcanic magma.

Nature enthusiasts can also find plenty of other interesting outdoor adventures like surfing at Pismo Beach and camping at Lopez Lake– not to mention endless beautiful walking trails and fun farmer’s market evenings.

As always, AmeriStudent only partners with high-quality schools in San Luis Obispo County, so you can rest easy knowing our high school selection is filled with excellent student opportunities, resources, and class selections.

Why choose American High School Student Exchange Programs?

During the 2017-18 school year, 1.1 million international students traveled to America, breaking the record and leaving the U.S. the most popular foreign exchange destination in the world. But let’s delve deeper. As a standard location for high school exchange programs, California ranks #1 on the list for diversity and population, allowing students to make the most out of their U.S. trip.

Between its elite schools, cultural inclusion, beautiful sights, and festive fun, students can leave their program feeling inspired, motivated, and ready to take on the next step of life with the support of their host family, new friends, and exceptional California experiences.  

What to Expect on a High School Foreign Exchange Program

AmeriStudent’s complete high school placement and homestay package includes:

  • School and homestay selection and placement
  • CSIET-approved homestay
  • Private room, 2-3 meals daily, school transportation
  • Guardianship
  • Emergency and routine support
  • Medical and liability insurance coverage
  • Financial services for homestay payments
  • Orientation
  • Monthly reports
  • Airport pickup (may require an additional fee)

We also know how important superior schooling is to your travels. With first-class, college-prep curriculums, athletic programs, plenty of extracurriculars, and other student life activities, you can rest assured that we only build relationships with the best public and private schools in our list of AmeriStudent cities. Each one has reputable foreign student exchange programs for high school students.

Life-Changing Benefits of High School Exchange Programs

Foreign exchange programs for high school students have a laundry list of benefits, such as

  • Forging lifelong friendships 
  • Receiving a great education
  • Visiting world-renowned locations
  • Improving English skills
  • Furthering career prospects
  • Creating new life perspectives
  • Increasing independence

It’s a transformative experience that can positively impact all aspects of life, especially for motivated young adults looking to pave the way for their college career and beyond.

How to Study in USA

The big question comes down to how to study in the USA, and the answer is three simple steps: apply, choose a program, and find a host family

Once you apply, you’ll want to pick a program that works best for you by narrowing down your preferences: e.g. long-term stay, short-term stay, rural area, or urban city. After finding the right program, our matching system will guide you through choosing a host family. For example, maybe you’d prefer one with little to no kids, allergy-accommodations, or similar hobbies and religious preferences. 

Our trained support team will be here to help you every step of the way.

Study Abroad With a Premier Homestay Provider

As one of America’s best and safest international providers for high school foreign exchange programs, AmeriStudent takes great consideration into making sure your education experience abroad is the best it can be.

Apply as an international student today to start your high school foreign exchange journey.