4 Benefits of Hosting International Students in Your Home

Hosting International Students

There are many students from all across the globe seeking opportunities to study in the United States, and many are looking for host families to take them in during their time as foreign exchange students. Such living situations help students acclimate to their new environment in a safe and affordable manner and give their parents peace of mind that their children will be well cared for while they’re in a foreign country. What you may not realize, however, is that becoming a host to international students can bring many benefits to the families that house them, as well. Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you open your home to an international student.

1. Expand your family’s horizons.

Homestay for Foreign Exchange Students in CaliforniaIf you want to provide an expanded worldview for your children, housing an international student is a great option. These students often want to learn as much as they can about American culture during their stay, but many are also happy to discuss aspects of their own countries and cultures with their host family. This can help your kids see the world in a new way while coming to accept and respect the other peoples and cultures of the world.

2. Send your own children to study abroad.

Many organizations that place international students with American host families also place students in other countries, and they may offer discounts to families that are in their network of hosts. Even if this isn’t the case, however, you’re likely to become lifelong friends with the student you host, and their family may be willing to reciprocate by providing a living situation for your children when they want to study abroad.
Graduate Foreign Exchange Student Programs

3. Help a student reach his/her potential.

There’s really no better reward for your efforts than watching a young person grow, develop, and succeed in life. As a host for international students, you can feel proud of the role you play in helping teens or young adults reach their full potential.

4. Earn extra income.

Programs that place foreign exchange students with host families also make arrangements for the hosts to receive compensation. This ends up being a better financial option for parents of the visiting student because they generally end up paying less than they would for pricey dorms and other living expenses. And while a portion of the money will go towards feeding and caring for the student, families that play host can earn extra income for their households.

Become a Host Family for International Students

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